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Ad prices (one-size only; 600x600px):
$15/month or
$120/year - 2 months FREE

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You have the choice of sending viewers to your website or email through a clickable "hot link" or button.

Editing your ad for our site:

You can submit your own complete ad.  The size of the ad is a strict 600 x 600 pixels (perfect square) to fit the space perfectly.   

If you cannot create your ad, we have a solution.  A $20.00 editing fee will be charged (each version of your ad submitted) for Doug Gazlay to create your ad for the carousel.  Doug accepts credit card payments via Square at www.tipdoug.com.
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Payment form accepted by Vittles for ads at this time is personal check.

Each ad will get one spot with one "button" or "hot link" to your website or email. Please specify where you want someone who clicks on your ad to be taken.

Please fill out this form below to submit your artwork and information for your ad. Ad is created and/or posted as soon as Charity gives Doug the nod that it has been paid for in-full.

Note: If Doug is creating your ad, $20.00 payment to him is due by credit card before creation of your ad.