Charity’s Vittles Club Weekly Update 5-10-21

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May 10th, 2021

Prayers are being answered! New Charity's Vittles home found!

Dear Charity’s Vittles Family!

It’s been a few weeks since Charity closed Charity’s Vittles in Smyrna.  And thanks to the help from many of you, she has found a new home.   Paperwork was filed last Friday to the city of Mariette to re-open Charity’s Vittles at her new site:  The old El Barco Mexican Restaurant at 2200 Powder Springs Rd. (Suite 100), Marietta, GA!   Exciting news???  Yes!!!   She will hear from the city of Marietta this week for the go ahead!   Charity is on vacation and will commence all the frantic re-opening process after she returns!  

This is not Smyrna, but, we will be sharing routes (including back roads) to help Y’all find the new place. It’s really not far from the old one, at all.   It’s a wonderful move to a nice, stable building and there is much more to share in the coming weeks!  But, thank you, all, for your prayers and great work in helping Charity find a new place.  We’ll all soon dine together, as we did in the past, at the new location for our beloved Charity’s Vittles!  

God bless, Y’all!- Charity’s Vittles!


El Barco Mexican Restaurant
2200 Powder Springs Rd, Marietta, GA- site of the new Charity's Vittles

On This Day In History May 10th, 1908

This feature is now viewable in Doug Gazlay’s BLOG.  Click pic below to read this week:  “Today is all about you, Mom!”

$10.00 Vittles Gift Card Winner:

Cheering crowd- Vittles Restaurant, Smyrna, GA. Country Cooking

Congratulations to our $10.00 Vittles Gift Card winner:

Jill Turner

Please watch your email for directions how to claim your $10.00 Charity’s Vittles Gift Card.  It’s as good as cash at Charity’s Vittles!  Enjoy!

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Vittles Restaurant, Smyrna, GA, FREE Birthday dessert

We are always happy to help celebrate your birthday.  Simply show us your i.d. on your birthday and you will receive a complimentary dessert on us!  See you on your big day!