Charity’s Vittles Special Update 4-28-21

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Special Update for 4-28-21

Dear Charity’s Vittles family:
I had the chance to sit down for lunch with Charity today.  Shes shared with me some inside information about her search for the new building.

There are two sites that she could move into immediately, but both have legal problems that need to be resolved by courts.  And courts, as many of you know, are way behind in their cases because of COVID-19.   So, it’s not sure when they will be resolved.   Frustrating, for sure.

So, Charity is asking to have all of you- our wonderful customers- keep your eyes and ears open for places in (or very near to) Smyrna, GA, that may be immediately available for rent/purchase that would work for her restaurant.   She decided to add an incentive in appreciation for your help:  Whoever has a lead that results directly in her finding the new Charity’s Vittles home will be awarded two (2) months of complimentary meals at the new Charity’s Vittles when it opens!
This means that the person who helps her find it (first, and the only one) will receive this incentive/thank you bonus!

Please submit your serious suggestions on our Charity’s Vittles FaceBook page.  There is a special post pinned at the top.   Suggestions placed there will be stamped with the date and time of the lead.   We’ll be able to see clearly who recommended what option and when to determine the prize winner.  

Thanks a million for your support!  We hope that collectively working together, we can help Charity find a new Charity’s Vittles site quickly and we’ll all get back to enjoying the delicious food again!

Thanks much- Doug Gazlay 
Web guy and promotions person for Charity’s Vittles Restaurant