Charity’s Vittles Club Weekly Update 4-19-21

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April 19th, 2021

Movement is happening as search intensifies

I can’t tell you everything, but just know this:  Charity is making moves to check out a possible place for the new Charity’s Vittles site!   More when I can say more!   But, rest assured- Charity’s Vittles WILL reopen!  And that’s great news!

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The chance to win a $10.00 Charity’s Vittles Gift card each week is a wonderful perk of being on this list.  But, did you know that when you click ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY link below, you’ll be taken to Doug Gazlay’s site?  Each week he has a short update from Wikipedia on what happened on that particular day in history.  It’s been a fan favorite of those who read the update each week for years.

Keep safe, remain healthy!- Charity’s Vittles

On This Day In History- April 19th, 1995

This feature is now viewable in Doug Gazlay’s BLOG.  Click pic below to read this week:
“A blast from a dark day in the past”

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