Charity’s Vittles Club Weekly Update 2-1-21

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February 1st, 2021


Dear friends:
Please watch this important video to let you know all about what’s happening in this week’s Charity’s Vittles! 

Our $10.00 Charity’s Vittles Club Gift Certificate Winner is below.  And don’t forget to check out the ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY section which  takes you to Doug’s site.  There you’ll find Doug’s Digital Puzzles featuring his original art pieces.  They are FREE to enjoy along with the Word Searches which he created, also.  

We hope to see you soon at Charity’s Vittles!

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We, at Charity’s Vittles, had a customer ask where she could donate some money to help us get through this insanely difficult time. 
We created this GoFundMe page called “Friends of Charity’s Vittles”.  If you feel so moved to help, a gift of any size would be much appreciated.  We want to keep the doors open for you.  Here’s to praying that 2021 is a much better year for all of us. 
Thank you for your support, in advance.

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On This Day In History February 1st,

This feature is now viewable in Doug Gazlay’s BLOG.  Click pic below to read.
This week: Set my people free!

FREE Meal of the Week Winner:

Cheering crowd- Vittles Restaurant, Smyrna, GA. Country Cooking

Congratulations to our $10 Vittles Gift Card Winner this week:

Edwin Bolen

Please watch your email for instructions on how to claim your $10 Charity’s Vittles Gift Card!  It’s like cash at Vittles!  Enjoy!

Request your FREE Birthday Dessert

Vittles Restaurant, Smyrna, GA, FREE Birthday dessert

We are always happy to help celebrate your birthday.  Simply show us your i.d. on your birthday and you will receive a complimentary dessert on us!  See you on your big day!