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Welcome to
The home of Charity's Vittles Restaurant

Charity's Vittles Hours- 9-6pm posted 6-12-20

Stop in today and we'll treat you to a FREE Cupcake to celebrate 1 yr

Charity's Vittles One-Year Anniversary

Charity’s Vittles Restaurant welcomes you to our site!  We are always striving to do our best to make your dining experience a pleasant and enjoyable one.

We invite you to join the Charity’s Vittles Club via the sign-up form – click here!   You’ll be aware of what’s going on at our restaurant and will have a chance to win the $10.00 Vittles Gift Card that we award to one lucky winner on the list each week!  Winner is announced on Monday mornings via our update which is located on our BLOG link above.

And lastly, while we are still waiting to totally re-open our country, please check in before you come to join us for dinner since sometimes our closing hours vary.    678-247-6941  See you soon, at Charity’s Vittles!

Charity's Vittles Gratitude for your help


Our hearts are warmed by the offers to help with feeding our Healthcare Heroes and elderly.   Here are a few ways you can offer financial assistance and help us make a difference in our community.  

  • Purchase a Charity’s Vittles Meal Card (good for one meal) for a Healthcare worker:  $10.00 / each.  
  • Contribute to our GoFundMe Campaign.  (Click on the graphic below).

We love you all for your help and will continue to cook great country cooking.   Please stay safe and healthy!.    We love our Charity’s Vittles Family

Charity's Vittles' Official GoFundMe Campaign:

Charity's Vittles GoFundMe Campaign 2020
Charity's Vittles' Official GoFundMe Campaign

Charity's Vittles in the news Media

There are so many texts and emails that have come in since Charity’s story has appeared in the local and national media.  Here are a few we’ve collected.  You can also view our Charity’s Vittles PR Kit below.

Charity’s interviewed by Jacqlyn Charles on her internet show: Women Are Worthy.  Aired on 4-27-20

Charity featured on Mornings With Maria on FOX NEWS Business Channel – 4-28-20 coming soon!